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Redefining Postoperative Care

Connecting Hospital to Home

Developing a suite of innovative technologies that allow the doctors and nurses do what they do best, while also providing the patient a sense of security, control, and peace of mind

Surgical Site Infections


Surgeries Performed Each Year


People Each Year Develop SSIs

$8 Billion

Economic Burden Each Year

"The pain was unbearable to the point where I could barely move"

"My doctor confirmed my incision was infected. He was glad it was caught early because it could've been worse."

"I am currently in this situation right now and I am crying. It's so bad.

"They eventually sent me home and I'd have to see a doctor like 2x a week for monitoring..."

Once patients are discharged after surgery, they are often left to tend to their wounds alone. Surgical Site Infections can develop at any time from discharge to 30 days later and can quickly lead to complications including amputations, sepsis, and death if not detected early enough. ​

Elivio seeks to close this gap. Through our app, our comfortable wearable device, and machine learning, Elivio provides real-time data and predictions directly to the doctor while also providing you a sense of security and control. Through our device-app hybrid, we can make a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry.


Meet The Team


Samantha Botros


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Clinical Engineer

Universidad de Los Andes Alum

Medicine; Data Analytics; R&D


Albert Go


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Boeing Design & Software Engineer

MIT Alum

Robotics; Software

Design & Manufacturing


Wendy Shi


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Technical Program Manager

UC Berkeley Alum

Project Management; FDA; 

Agile Software Development

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